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David Hockney, 30th January 2021, The First One (2021)
David Hockney, 19th March 2021, Sunflower with Exotic Flower (2021)
David Hockney, 21st March 2021, Purple and Yellow Flowers in a Vase (2021)
David Hockney, 26th March 2021, Exotic Flowers (2021)
David Hockney, The arrival of spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011 (2011)
David Hockney, Dandelions (2011)
Wolfgang Tillmans, Paper Drop Novo (2022)
Wolfgang Tillmans, We're Not Going Back 2 (2022)
Wolfgang Tillmans, Maus (1997)
Simon Fujiwara, Who goes around and around? (Beige Bær's Dance) (2022)
Alex Katz, Departure(Ada) (2017)
Alex Katz, Departure 1(Ada) (2017)
Alex Katz, Reflection 2 (2021)
Alex Katz, Ada In Spain (2018)
Alex Katz, 4:30 PM (2017)
Alex Katz, Three Trees (2018)
Alex Katz, 10:30 AM (2017)
Alex Katz, Laura 1 (2017)
Alex Katz, Spring Flowers (2017)
Alex Katz, Flowers 2 (2017)
Etel Adnan, Paysage de Feu (2017)
Etel Adnan, Californie (2017)
Etel Adnan, Poids de le Lune V (2019)
Etel Adnan, Poids du monde IV (2016)
Etel Adnan, Poids de la Lune I (2019)
Etel Adnan, Pink Whale (2017)
Etel Adnan, To the ocean (2016)
Etel Adnan, Totem (2018)
Etel Adnan, Ecrasante Beauté (2018)
Etel Adnan, Soleil Lointain (2017)
Etel Adnan, Black Forest (2017)
Etel Adnan, Le Feu du Désert (2017)
Etel Adnan, Vue Sur La Mer (2017)
Etel Adnan, Sri Lanka (2018)
Etel Adnan, Journey (2018)
David Shrigley, It's Ok Not To Like It (2022)
David Shrigley, I Hate Humans (2022)
David Shrigley, Before You Entertain Others (2021)
David Shrigley, Be Kind To Everyone (2021)
David Shrigley, Black Cats (2021)
David Shrigley, I Must Rest My Rampage Is Over (2021)
David Shrigley, I Cannot Change My Spots, But I Have No Desire To Change My Spots (2021)
David Shrigley, Untitled (I Am Listening) (2020)
David Shrigley, Serpent (2020)
David Shrigley, Double Cheeseburger End of the World Giveaway (2020)
David Shrigley, Keep Your Ass Away From The Cactus (2020)
David Shrigley, Untitled(Pear) (2020)
David Shrigley, You are special (2019)
David Shrigley, Shits (2019)
David Shrigley, I'm Sorry For Being Awful (2018)